Pressure washers are a “must have” piece of equipment that makes cleaning tasks around the home easier for yourself whilst giving a high quality result.

You can clean most items around the home and garden with your pressure washer including: driveways, decking, patio, garden furniture, cars, motorcycles, roofing & gutters, outdoor bins etc.

Not only does using your pressure washer around the home improve appearance, it also improves safety. By removing grime and mold from surfaces such as decking and pathways this will eliminate the risk of slipping in those wet winter months.

You know yourself how disgusting outdoor bins can get, especially as this is not something which is pleasant to clean by hand. However with the power behind your pressure washer and a little soap you can eliminate that awful smell once and for all.

Our range of Nilfisk pressure washers are very popular with car valeting companies who feel the Nilfisk E140 and P150 have outstanding cleaning capabilities- leaving your car looking like new.

From cleaning the car to removing grime from your pathways it is clear that the domestic pressure washer is a must have accessory.