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MAC Plantmaster Static Painted Hot/Cold Pressure Washer

MAC Plantmaster Static Painted Hot/Cold Pressure Washer

The MAC Plantmaster range represents the ultimate in strength, security and reliability, providing our customers with options for every eventuality.
The Plantmaster is an all-round hot static pressure washer and is perfect for daily heavy-duty industrial cleaning. It has a high-quality powder coated steel cabinet with lockable controls and a steel door.

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Full frost protection and cabinet lagging, High Efficiency M2 MAC boiler system, Double spiral M2 heavy duty coil, Automatic stop/start system, High pressure chemical system, Professional Interpump with ceramic pistons, Industrial 1450rpm 4 pole electric Nicolini motor, Flame failure and leak detection system, 16lt internal fuel tank with low level sensor, Burner control with ST7 flow switch and thermostat, 24v low tension safety controls, Powder coated steel cabinet with lockable controls, High quality matte paint finish, Lockable powder coated steel front door, Zinc phosphate steel pre-treatment for weather proofing

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